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ENEL Electrified House: an innovative experience in the metaverse

Enel Casa Elettrificata

In recent years, technology has brought about an unprecedented revolution and many companies have begun to stand out for the bold adoption of new tools to improve the CX

One of the first to take the plunge has been ENEL, a multinational energy company, which, together with Cometa, have created a virtual world developed inside the "ENEL Electrified House" project.

This project came to life through an self-experience, available on several platforms, including VR for Meta Quest 2 and Pro, as well as in Web version. Developed with the powerful multi platform Unity® graphics engine, Enel's metaverse offers users total immersion in engaging environments: an independent villa that users can visit via an avatar, as well as building an electrified house to raise awareness of the use of renewable energy.

Device di utilizzo

Thanks to the guide avatar and the Avatar Customer Care, users can explore the vast range of products and services offered by Enel. The simulation of the impact of electrification demonstrates how it is now a tangible reality, and allows users to fully understand the benefits of the transition to electricity and sustainability. Special features, such as energy production calculation, further enrich the experience, providing valuable information in an intuitive and engaging way.

Enel Casa Elettrificata - Cruscotto Energia

The attractive 3D design and structure of the Metaverse made to measure highlight Cometa's commitment to providing a cutting-edge and personalized experience, but also in constantly monitoring and updating the project to ensure that it remains up to date with the latest technological innovations.

"ENEL Casa Elettrificata" is not just a technologically advanced project, it is a model for innovation in the energy sector. Thanks to this initiative, Enel and Cometa demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future, educating and engaging audiences in revolutionary ways through the power of the metaverse.

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