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The Metaverse and the Future of Conferences: the transformation of the Corporate Event

In the digital age, conferences and corporate events are undergoing a momentous transformation thanks to the metaverse. This innovation is revolutionizing the way companies organize, participate and interact in professional events. We explore how the metaverse is shaping the future of conferencing:

Personalizing the experience

Traditional face-to-face corporate events have morphed into virtual versions in recent times. This means that even the participants themselves at these events will have their own digital version, the avatars.

An avatar is the virtual image that represents the person while navigating the metaverse, i.e. the experience in the metaverse is completely immersive. The metaverse offers users to customize these avatars in order to interact in 3D virtual spaces. And this has almost infinite capabilities for such advanced developments as Meta. With its customization capabilities, you can even choose to mix colors in your avatar's hair to get an incredibly accurate version of yourself in the metaverse.

All this allows us to have a more complete, personalized and immersive experience of a corporate event than if we were to use a videoconference.

Face-to-face events vs. Events in the metaverse

It is clear then that, when studying the options for organizing a corporate event, choosing the metaverse as a meeting place instead of any streaming service, is betting on the winning horse.

However, what advantages or disadvantages do we face if our options move between a corporate event in the metaverse or a face-to-face one?

We have spent many, many months without being able to hold this type of event in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic. And as soon as the risk diminished and the authorities allowed it, face-to-face events came back with a vengeance.

The face-to-face factor continues to be relevant, bringing people together, facilitating communication and strengthening relationships.

But these same capabilities, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the devices used or the level of immersion offered by the virtual world, are also found in the metaverse.

In addition, the metaverse allows us to break down geographical barriers, bringing together collaborators from all over the world at the same corporate event. This not only reduces travel, economic and environmental costs, but also opens up new opportunities for networking and international collaboration.

In the metaverse, interactivity is the main focus. Viewers can simultaneously share their opinions via chat, participate in real-time discussions and even meet other participants in specific virtual environments. This level of engagement is difficult to achieve in a traditional conference.

Experiences in the metaverse are real

Interacting with colleagues, establishing networking relationships, increasing the value of your brand or even generating new opportunities and work agreements can be established as the main objectives of a corporate event.

In the metaverse, each and every one of them is possible, thanks to its level of immersion, the identification of people with their own avatar, extending their own reality in the virtual world and the international reach without barriers that the metaverse allows.

Thus, by offering global and engaging experiences, the metaverse is redefining the future of conferences and corporate events.

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