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NPCs in the digital age: beyond virtual characters, a smart future of work

In recent decades, the acronym "NPC" (Non-player character) has become a well-known term, especially in video games, representing characters that are managed by artificial intelligence and not directly controlled by the player. Even more recently it has become a viral trend on social platforms such as TikTok. But if its use is well known in the playful and social sphere, it is also true that the concept of NPC is acquiring a new dimension, projecting itself more and more into the world of work and artificial intelligence.

NPC and work: optimising efficiency without losing humanity

Technological evolution and the spread of artificial intelligence have brought significant changes, simplifying the way of working in many sectors. Therefore, in a work context, NPCs prove to be a valuable ally in creating efficient and collaborative environments, as they can be integrated as virtual assistants into company platforms and used to answer employee questions, provide information on internal processes and procedures, and assist in training. This method is very useful because it offers practical and realistic experiences that can enable people to acquire skills in a more effective and interactive way. In addition, NPCs can be implemented as community-building agents. This translates into discussion forums, collaborative platforms and virtual working groups that facilitate the exchange of ideas and contribute to a more engaging and innovative environment.

Another area where NPCs are revolutionising the way we approach everyday tasks is through their ability to automate repetitive tasks by handing them over to programmed NPCs, allowing human resources to concentrate on more creative or complex tasks.

However, this aspect makes it necessary to address an ethical and social challenge: integrating artificial intelligence with people's work to provide higher quality services. The use of AI does not eliminate the human contribution, but it is thanks to human-machine collaboration that it is possible to create and offer a quality service that makes the difference for a high-level Customer eXperience.

The ChatGPT revolution

ChatGPT's artificial intelligence has recently been used in the gaming world to create richer and more complex dialogues and to give more awareness to NPCs. In addition, with AI it is also possible to assign characteristics to characters such as personality, job and relationships with other NPCs. This shows that the integration of tools such as ChatGPT to enhance the gaming experience is already underway and with excellent results.

Likewise, in a business context, the same artificial intelligence tools have brought and are bringing a new level of interaction. The virtual assistant "Avatar A.I.", created by Covisian, is trained with the artificial intelligence of Chat GPT and is able to assist users in a more accurate and timely manner, understanding their doubts and needs and communicating in a discursive and empathetic way. Thanks to the continuous learning model, the Avatar A.I. is designed to provide increasingly efficient and personalised assistance.

Beyond their representation in video games and social platforms, NPCs can be interpreted as positive allies that enhance our digital and professional lives. With an optimistic and adaptive approach, we can fully exploit the potential of NPCs to create a more functional, efficient, collaborative and innovation-focused future.

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