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At the Italian Tech Week the revolution in Customer Assistance with Artificial Intelligence

Italian Tech Week 2023 was an extraordinary event, which brought some of the most surprising technological innovations to the fore. Among the participants, Covisian and Cometa presented the Avatar Customer Care AI: a turning point in the revolution of customer support with artificial intelligence, integrating virtual reality into the service for an unprecedented experience.

Customer service is a fundamental aspect for any business, but how can it be made more efficient and engaging? Covisian and Cometa are demonstrating that the answer lies in the innovative use of emerging technologies in synergy with human operations. The Customer Care A.I. Avatar combines the metaverse, a virtual world where people can interact, with generative. Users come into contact with an avatar equipped with artificial intelligence trained on the basis of specific knowledge to answer questions in a conversational way, recognize and acquire users and integrate with CRM systems. During the Italian Tech Week, visitors experienced this innovation in person. The feedback has been extraordinary and people have expressed enthusiasm for this new frontier of assistance, available in more than 30 languages, 24/7. Covisian and Cometa offer companies the opportunity to try a demo of the personalized service at the headquarters in Via Avogadro 30 in Turin. For more information write to us at

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