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Smile.CX Pro XR: Extended Reality for multidimensional analysis

In the dynamic world of Customer Experience (CX), the ability to analyze and interpret data quickly and effectively is essential for making informed and strategic decisions. The growing complexity of customer interactions and the vast amount of generated data require advanced tools that can transform this information into practical and usable insights.

By transforming KPI and performance data analysis into a three-dimensional visual experience, CX professionals are provided with an unprecedented Business Intelligence tool. Through the use of immersive three-dimensional charts, users can explore KPIs and classify data by country, locations, teams, operators, and calls, ensuring a thorough and detailed performance analysis at all organizational levels.

Covisian, in collaboration with Cometa, a cutting-edge company in the field of XR technologies, has developed a revolutionary solution that promises to redefine how CX professionals interact with data:Smile.CX Pro XR.

Smile.CX Pro XR: Innovation Serving Productivity

Smile.CX Pro XR is an advanced application designed to enhance productivity and streamline operations in the Customer Experience sector. Thanks to its extended Reality interface, Smile.CX Pro XR allows users to observe and interact with 3D charts, offering a completely new and intuitive representation of data.The XR interface represents an innovation in data management and performance analysis, providing business leaders with a powerful tool for navigating the complex landscape of performance data, improving operational strategy, and optimizing customer experience through advanced and interactive data analysis.

Key Benefits of Smile.CX Pro XR

  • Multidimensional analysis: The ability to explore data through 3-D visualizations enables a deeper and more intuitive understanding of key metrics.

  • Full immersion: The use of augmented reality viewers such as Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 ensures a fully immersive analysis experience.

  • GPT Avatar Assistant: An advanced AI assistant guides users through analysis, offering interactive support, real-time reporting, and data-driven operational proposals.

Imagine being able to "immerse" yourself in your data, exploring charts and reports in a 3D space that makes trends and anomalies immediately apparent. This approach not only facilitates a more intuitive understanding of data but also accelerates decision-making, enabling managers to respond quickly to market changes and customer needs. Thanks to extended Reality, CX professionals can now benefit from a platform that seamlessly integrates advanced data analysis with an engaging and interactive user experience. The ability to manipulate and visualize data in 3D allows for a deeper and more detailed understanding, significantly improving the quality of strategic decisions.

Smile.CX Pro XR

With the GPT Avatar Assistant, an advanced AI assistant, users receive guidance and support through analysis, real-time reporting, and data-driven operational proposals via 3D graphs visible through Apple Vision Pro. This avatar assistant not only provides immediate answers to specific data questions but also anticipates user needs by automatically suggesting relevant insights and personalized visualizations. The integration of the AI assistant into the 3D environment enhances the experience, allowing users to interact with the data and the assistant in a natural and intuitive manner, simulating a consultation with a human expert.

Smile.CX Pro XR: The Interface of the Future for CX

With Smile.CX Pro XR, Cometa has not only developed a new interface but also opened up new possibilities for the future of Customer Experience. This application represents a significant leap forward in Business Intelligence, combining the power of XR technologies with the need for efficient and intuitive data analysis. 

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