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How to Serve my Clients in the Metaverse and not fail in the attempt

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

In recent years, the concept of #Metaverse has proven to be one of the greatest innovations in an era of profound technological revolution. It is not just an immersive and interconnected virtual world, but a complete ecosystem that integrates virtual reality and artificial intelligence enabling interactions at a level never before experienced. All these experiences open the door to many opportunities.

Nevertheless, the use of this technology requires two actions: identifying the utility in its use and creating a strategy around it. This is crucial because when it comes to #Metaverse, many companies want to create their own virtual space and become pioneers in a field in which it is possible to innovate and evolve, but if they do not have the ability to leverage them to benefit and return, the risk is to devalue the potential of this tool and miss opportunities.

How can we properly bring our brand into the metaverse?

To create a proper strategy and be successful with the integration of our brand into the metaverse,we need to pay attention to a few aspects:

Identifying the target audience or customer is very important. Who are the customers who might be interested in interacting in the metaverse and what are their needs? What kind of service do they need? Asking yourself these questions first makes it possible to create and propose a useful and, above all, targeted service, but it also makes it possible to choose the most appropriate platform on which to develop the project.

Using the appropriate technology and associating with quality partners will make all the difference in assisting customers in the virtual world. Combining innovation to support customer service is precisely the goal of Covisian's new technology innovation center in Turin.

As a cutting-edge tool for customer care in the metaverse, we find Cometa.XYZ's Avatar Customer Care service that totally revolutionizes the world of Customer eXperience.

This service enables interaction with customers through avatars that can realistically replicate their facial expressions and body movements. It offers an interactive and immersive experience that enhances communication and enables a quick and personalized response based on their needs.

Customer service of the future: metaverse and artificial intelligence united

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we communicate, so combined with the metaverse, it forms an innovation that takes the customer experience to a new level.

With virtual assistants such as "Avatar GPT," based on Chat GPT's artificial intelligence, it is possible to understand users' questions and needs and provide more accurate and timely answers, thanks to its continuous learning capability.

Cometa.XYZ has been a pioneer in combining these two technologies to the point of perfecting the Avatar GPT that caught the attention of attendees during Italian Tech Week.

This technology is already being used for clients such as Telefónica in Colombia, developing a virtual space where employees can log in with an avatar and move around within the space customized for Telefónica and where new resources can practice and be trained directly by the avatar that acts as a "teacher" to whom they can submit issues or ask questions. The avatar is trained with specific information given to it beforehand so that it can study and interpret it. This avatar does not replace the teacher, but becomes a support because it can teach and correct at the same time and is available 24/7 without the need to wait for a specific time slot.

Undoubtedly, this is the formula for achieving the Contact Center of the future, one that is technologically prepared to take advantage of efficient new technologies, while at the same time training and helping its agents to rely on them to deliver the best possible customer experience.

The metaverse looms as an innovation set to radically change our interaction with the digital world. It is still an evolving world in which there are indeed many applications of artificial intelligence. Therefore, having a well-thought-out strategy can help a company make the most of the potential of the metaverse by offering a unique and engaging customer eXperience that will help strengthen the relationship with its customers and evolve toward success.

Don't get left behind! Discover the Avatar Customer Care service!

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