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Cometa for Vodafone 5G Reality: a successful year in the Metaverse

Updated: Mar 6

September 2022 marked a significant chapter for Vodafone, when the company proudly presented the Cometa service portfolio at their Academy in Madrid. This event not only opened up new business opportunities in the metaverse, but also inaugurated an innovative vision of customer service: Avatar Customer Care.

There, Vodafone introduced a revolutionary component to the concept of customer care and advice, allowing users to interact with avatars representing real people. These specialised consultants are not mere digital representations, but real professionals.

The initiative started as 'Customer Service in the Metaverse' and transformed the idea of a digital human into something more tangible: a real consultant operating in the virtual world. Over the past year, this collaboration has overcome daily challenges, constantly pushing the limits of the impossible.

The highlight of this adventure was guiding customers through their first journey in the Vodafone 5G metaverse. From purchase advice to interactions with virtual objects and content closely linked to the real world, Avatar Customer Care has opened up new perspectives in virtual customer service.

Today, one year after that first meeting, the first phase of this extraordinary adventure in the metaverse has materialised. However, given the fluidity and relentless evolution of the virtual reality and metaverse scenario, Vodafone is excited to continue to be an active player in this incredible journey into the digital future.


"Covisian lanza un servicio de atención al cliente en el metaverso para Vodafone.

La tecnológica española Covisian ha lanzado un servicio de atención al cliente en el metaverso y en «tiempo real» para Vodafone..." 

"Ofrece a los clientes una experiencia interactiva e inmersiva que mejora la comunicación y permite una respuesta rápida y personalizada a sus necesidades." 

"La tecnológica española Covisian ha lanzado un servicio de atención al cliente en el metaverso y en "tiempo real" para Vodafone, según ha informado la compañía en un comunicado." 

"Ofrecemos una experiencia atractiva y personalizada a través de avatares gestionados por operadores especializados de Covisian combinados con inteligencia artificial entrenada a


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