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Football in the Metaverse: a new era of Virtual Competition

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Creating epic matches in the football metaverse

In the ever-changing digital world, the combination of sports and the metaverse is opening the door to a new era of virtual competition. While interest in traditional sports remains strong, the metaverse offers fertile ground for exploring new dimensions of competition, engagement and interaction.

In recent years, the metaverse concept has become increasingly valuable, moving out of the territory of pure science fiction and into tangible reality. In this digital scenario, football, one of the most loved and followed sports globally, is undergoing a momentous transformation. The metaverse, with its immersive virtual simulations, offers fans a completely new way to experience football, beyond the traditional confines of physical stadiums.

Football in the Metaverse

In the metaverse, football takes on a new dimension. Without the need for virtual reality devices, fans of sports such as football, basketball, tennis, etc. can enjoy fully immersive experiences. Thus, it is possible to watch a football match live from home, for example, with the feeling of experiencing it from the stadium itself. Moreover, the level of immersion is such that one can react during the match, share with other fans and even review plays in 3D as if one were on the pitch.

This is the approach that major football clubs like Manchester City, with Sony as a partner, have already implemented in their own virtual world.

This fusion of technology and sport opens the door to a new era of involvement and participation for fans.

L’impatto sociale e culturale del calcio nel metaverso

The integration of football in the metaverse is not only a technological revolution, but also a social and cultural phenomenon. The virtual communities that form around football in the metaverse transform the sporting experience into an inclusive phenomenon. Cultural and geographical diversity becomes a resource, bringing together fans from faraway places to celebrate their love of football. This global dimension of football in the metaverse not only increases the accessibility of the sport, but also creates new bonds and connections between people beyond physical barriers.

The combination of football and the metaverse is redefining the very concept of sport. Digital immersion offers fans new opportunities for involvement and participation, transforming the football experience into something bigger, engaging, inclusive and global.

This approach is championed by Carlo Diana, former marketing director of Juventus and founder of the Reset Group agency, one of the few in Italy to manage all sports marketing activities across the board.

Q: As a marketing professional in football, what are the most exciting aspects you see in the integration of the metaverse in the sports world? A: Definitely the increase in fan engagement and fan participation with increasingly immersive activities and experiences.

Q: How do you think the meta-verse can help improve the interaction between football players and their fans, going beyond the traditional social media relationship? A: New technologies, primarily social networks, have contributed to making the lives of sportsmen and women more and more accessible to fans, even in their most private and personal sphere. The metaverse could further accelerate this process by offering even more realistic and engaging experiences.

Q: Imagine a meta-verse dedicated to football. What features would you like to see implemented to make the experience more engaging? A: The future of football and sport in general is linked to its ability to attract the new generations born and raised in the digital age. The metaverse will have to offer new experiences, faster and able to make them really part of the event they are watching, offering them an involvement that the traditional televised match can no longer guarantee.

Q: If you could experience a football match through virtual reality, in which role would you immerse yourself? Would you be a fan, a player or a virtual coach? A: It would be amazing to be able to relive unforgettable moments in football history in the shoes of the players who experienced them.

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