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Creation and development of virtual worlds in the digital age

mondo digitale creato in ambiente virtuale

The evolution of new technologies and virtual worlds continues to progress to even higher levels in the universe of digital creation. These developments are completely transforming the way users interact, significantly improving their experience by making it more and more engaging and immersive.

Designing virtual worlds is a complex process that involves many disciplines including design, programming, graphics and storytelling. In this constantly growing panorama, various  versatile and powerful platforms have been developed like Unity, Blender or Roblox - used particularly for the creation of video games and other interactive content - which allow developers to create environments rich in detail and interactivity. Design decisions influence the narrative of the virtual world, which is why developers must consider usage and accessibility to ensure an engaging experience for a wide range of users.

The fusion of virtual worlds and the metaverse

The implementation of virtual worlds in the metaverse represented a significant step in the evolution of digital interaction. These environments have become an extraordinary tool not only for managing and improve Customer eXperience, but also to personalize brands' interactions with their users and to test new innovation strategies. The options available are unlimited and adaptable to any sector.

cometa x enel casa elettrificata

An example of this, is the virtual world born from a collaboration between Covisian and Enel, which includes a wind farm and electric cars that users can visit via an avatar, as well as building an electrified house to help users use renewable energy.

In the customer care sector it is possible to integrate in the metaverse an avatar support service, such as Covisians’ Avatar Customer Care, the service that integrates the technology of ChatGPT in which a specialized consultant behind the avatar gives assistance to the user in all the phases in which he needs it.

A virtual world can also be created as a place for social gathering and sharing. This is the case of Cosmovisian, Covisian's metaverse where employees can design and customize their own avatar, interact with colleagues from all the group's national and international platforms and find out about company events.

This virtual world created for Covisian collaborators is developed by Cometa itself with one of the most powerful platforms on the market: Unity.

Unity has allowed Cometa developers and artists to collaborate synergistically, turning ideas into vibrant and dynamic worlds, creating the perfect canvas for Cosmovisian.

As technology advances we can expect increasingly realistic and interactive virtual worlds. The integration of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality will help create even more engaging experiences.

The possibilities offered by the metaverse are truly endless. Thanks to the use of advanced development platforms by technology companies, it is already possible to see a future where imagination is the only limit in creating extraordinary virtual worlds.

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