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A.I. and Contact Center: The transformation of customer service at Covisian with Cometa

Il nostro Avatar Customer Care A.I. negli uffici Cometa

In the ever-evolving context of customer service, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly emerging as a key ally in delivering Customer eXperiences increasingly innovative and revolutionary. Thanks to the application of innovative technologies, it is now possible to improve the operational efficiency of agents and ensure that the customer experience is quality.

Other fundamental use of AI, in order to offer personalized services and products of interest to the client, refers to data analysis. This analysis can be used for different purposes: identifying trends and patterns, improving business processes, and personalize the customer experience to the fullest, with the aim of allowing companies not only to have a high quality service, but also provide it to their clients.

AI, applied to contact centers, can significantly improve operational efficiency and is already taking customer services and support to the next level.

Covisian, as a leading company in Customer eXperience and contact center services, has embarked on a digital transformation journey through Cometa.XYZ, company of the same group, integrating AI into their customer service systems, achieving notable results in operational efficiency and customer care.

Il nostro Avatar Customer Care A.I. nei nostri uffici Cometa di Torino

What improvements have been made?

By integrating ChatGPT's generative AI into customer care, we are taking a step further towards the contact center of the future. How?

Thanks to "Avatar GPT”, it is now possible to provide real-time assistance via chat or instant messaging, resolve problems and guide customers even through complex processes. Another notable fact is that, being based on a continuous learning model (ChatGPT) the interaction improves more and more, as well as the efficiency and the ability to solve problems. By adopting these cutting-edge solutions, a revolution occurs in the Customer eXperience toward a much higher level, improving both the customer experience and the productivity and competence of the agents providing the consulting.

La nostra Immersive Room negli uffici Cometa di Torino

Customer service in the Metaverse

Thanks to the advanced technology and total immersion offered by the Metaverse, the support possibilities are expanding significantly, both in the contact center and in customer care, but also in many other sectors. In these contexts, the service Avatar Customer Care by Comet.XYZ stands out as an innovative and cutting-edge solution. Users can login on a virtual environment in which to interact with intelligent avatars, virtual representatives highly specialized in providing personalized assistance. This allows immediate, highly effective and more personalized communication.

Additionally, the immersive nature of Metaverse allows customers to live a unique experience, creates an implication emotionally deeper and helps to consolidate trust between the company and the customer.

Some companies have already had the opportunity to experience this service from Avatar GPT, seeing it applied to their specific sector. And in doing so, found it to be an immense advantage in assistance and interaction within the Metaverse, viewing increasing their customer satisfaction.

By taking advantage of the immersive and interactive potential that this virtual environment offers, companies can create deeper connections with their customers and significantly improve their CustomereXperience.

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